Ehsaas Nashnuma Program Online Registration 2023

 Ehsaas Nashnuma Program Online Registration 2023

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Who is eligible?

Ehsaas Nashnooma Program – Online Application Process

Ehsaas Nashnuma Program – Online Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ehsaas Nashnooma program was launched by the Government of Pakistan to address the nutritional needs of vulnerable groups, including young children, pregnant women and lactating mothers. The program has specific goals, including reducing malnutrition, promoting child development, and improving the overall health and well-being of participants. In this post, we will provide detailed information about the eligibility criteria, registration process, online application procedure, and various benefits offered by the program.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the Ehsaas Nashnooma program, individuals must meet the following criteria:

Pregnant women: Pregnant women from low-income households, whether they live in urban or rural areas of Pakistan, are eligible for this program.

Lactating Mothers: Women who are nursing their newborn babies and come from low income households are eligible to benefit from this program.

Children under two years of age: The program extends its benefits to children under two years of age living in low-income households.

Ehsaas Nashnooma Program – Online Application Process

The Ehsaas Nashnooma program provides an online application process to make it easier for eligible individuals, apart from physical registration centers. The online application process includes the following steps:

Visit Official Website: Access the official website of Ehsaas Nashnuma program.

Create an Account: Provide the information required to create a user account on the Website, such as your name, phone number, and valid email address.

Complete the Application Form: Fill the application form correctly with current information. Typically, the form asks for details about your household, income, and demographics.

Upload Supporting Documents: Scan and upload any required supporting documents as per the application criteria, such as proof of identity, proof of income, and proof of residency.

Apply: Double check all the information provided and submit the online application.

Ehsaas Nashnuma Program – Online Registration

The registration process for the Ehsaas Development Program includes the following steps:

Awareness Campaigns: The government conducts awareness campaigns through various channels including print and electronic media to inform potential beneficiaries about the program and its benefits.

Community Mobilization: Community mobilizers visit low-income communities to interact with eligible individuals, explain program details, and assist them in the registration process.

Registration Centers: Ehsaas Program Registration Centers have been set up at various locations, such as community centers or local government offices, where eligible individuals can go and complete the registration process.

Verification: Complete verification is done to ensure that only eligible people benefit from the program. The registration information provided is carefully reviewed.

By following these steps, interested persons can apply and register for Ehsaas Nashnuma program online or through designated registration centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are both rural and urban areas eligible for the Ehsaas Nashnuma programme?

Yes, the program is designed to serve both urban and rural Pakistan, ensuring that all eligible individuals can use its services.

Are group tracking and immunization services provided as part of the program?

Yes, the program offers essential services for immunizations and developmental monitoring to ensure the general health and development of children.

How often and under what circumstances are cash transfers offered?

Regular cash transfers are given and linked to certain requirements such as antenatal care appointments, vaccinations, and breastfeeding support.

What do supplemental nutrition packets contain?

The program offers a supplemental nutrition package that includes nutritious food products rich in essential vitamins and minerals to address malnutrition and support healthy growth.

How does the program encourage knowledge about food and health?

The program provides health and nutrition education to provide women with information and skills on healthy baby and infant feeding practices, hygiene and maternal health.

How do I sign up for a course?

Register in person at one of the program’s approved registration centers, or you can apply online through the program’s website.

Is there an online component to the application process?

Yes, for the convenience of eligible applicants, the program provides an online application process. Creating an account, completing the application form, and submitting supporting materials are all necessary steps in the online application process.


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